Thursday, June 17, 2010

It is really hard to wake up.. I snooze like 5 times and then rush to work..

Any ideas on how to wake up in time? I do go to bed early (last night I fell alseep at 10 something, had to fight myself out of bed at 8 am) and I am still tired. This morning I didn't even recognize the alarm, when I finally did I hit snooze, again and again.. Sometimes I put the TV on and even that doesn't work, I just fall right back to sleep and what's o the TV comes ot my dreams.

Then I show up at work looking like a transvestite because I tried to do my make-up while driving to work. My eyebrows end up all over the place like rainbows. Mascara dots under my eyes.. Hair not even to discuss.

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  1. I have this problem is horrible. Here are some weird suggestions. Keep the blinds open. I used to keep a mini squirt water bottle near my bed, so I could squirt water on my face to wake up (crazy I know!). Perhaps set your alarm 20 or 30 minutes earlier so you've woken up once and you don't fully fall back alseep...

    I hope this helps! Waking up for work is a pain.