Thursday, June 24, 2010

4 years ago today I met Chris!

We met at Seacrets, at the first bar, I was there with a friend and he was there with his friend Steve.
We hung out, had a few drinks that night and went to the beach where we took a whole lot of funny pictures.. This is one!

The next day we played beach volley ball with his group of friends and met at Seacrets again later that night. I remeber exactly what I was wearing.. It was a fun night..Drinks, candy neacklaces and a walk home on the beach.. I'll never forget that walk! And then, next day, home to Bmore and he went to Buffalo.. he called me a few times, a week later and maybe a month later, and I said was going to call him soon, but I continued life in Bmore, he partied and went to school in Buffalo and time went..we both met and dated other people.

Every now and then we exchanged a "Hello" or a comment in the guest book on myspace..At some point we started texting more and emailing, til November 2008, I met him in Bufflao for a weekend, we had been in touch on Myspace for this time and started talking more.. It was a great weekend but I left feeling sad actually, because a great guy like that lived so far away. It was a heavy feeling.

We met again in January and I felt even more sad, I actually tried to make myself not think of this amazing man.. one has to guard her heart with full power! But soon it became clear I could not, and we started weekend communting, Buffalo-Baltimore, thanks Southwest for the affordable tickets! We collected a whole lot of flight miles.. In September 2009 Chris moved to Baltimore, til the day he actually arrived in Baltimore, with his things and his car, I didn't think he was actually coming. It was unreal! I was so happy. We moved into our apartment on Kimbark Sept 11, 2009 and it was the best time. Living with Chris has always been wonderful. I wouldn't change anything about him or us.

On January 6th pug-lady Shelby moved to us. She was a little shy and followed me everywhere at first.. very soon she became Chris' best frineds and they are like a hand a glove today. January 22nd we found out we had a little peanut on the way! On May 13th we found out peanut is a little girlfriend! May 19th we moved into our house in Abingdon and I think life has been very good to me. I feel blessed, like I am a kid in a candy rain that never ends! What else could one ask for? I love you Chris!


  1. What a cute love story! I am happy for you two! You've been through a lot together!

  2. Your the Best Doll. I love you!