Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rainy Baltimore. It took me over an hour to drive to work today. Ears hurt. Hungry, forgot to bring lunch and too lazy to run out. I'm wearing UGG's in May.

So many things I want to buy for the house RIGHT NOWWW!! Paint! Bedding! Different curtains! And who would have thought there were so many different door handles and cabinet knobs???
Lowes and Home Depo are my new hotspots..

We are still living out of boxes and bags, this morning the Portugise lover couldn't find underwear and this was not fun. Grumpy and upset he ran up and down stairs looking for some. Hard to find other clothes also.. I haven't seen my hairbrush for a week or so and my idea of clothes for work is whatever I had on yesterday.

If you ask me he could just be naked.

Anyhow.. we took a bath in the big tub last night, is is huge and roomy! We both fit. At my last homes I've always wondered if the neighbors gets disturbed if pouring a bath very late at night or if they don't hear it at all.. I remember in Sweden there was something about not showering/bathing after 10 pm.. Well, no worries about that now!


  1. lol....no shower after 10 ... really ??

  2. In Sweden I think that was a common rule. Or maybe midnight.. Never figured out what goe shere in the US.