Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prenatal vitamins, not just for preggo's!

I took prenatal vitamins even years before I got pregnant, to grow out my hair quicker. It really works, not just for me but for several friends, and friend's friends. I have great nails and a good immune system thanks to them too.

It is really a daily multivitamin for 1 1/2 person, except these are more potent and screened than other vitamins. Today any manufacturer can take a sugarpill, find a tiny spec of an vitamin and call it a vitamin supplement. It will in most cases not meet your daily recomended need. Not even 1% of it.. prenatals however HAS TO contain what we need, and they are safe to take at even if not pregnant.

That's my beauty tip #1!

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  1. My Mom and I were JUST talking about these, and she said the same thing! I believe must work. Maybe I will take them to grow my hair out too! It is very healthy to take vitamins, so that beauty tip is excellent. I want to buy Omega-3 vitamins, I keep hearing about them, and they are apparently very good for you too.

    (And thank you for adding some pimple-remedies on my blog! I have tried the toothpaste works!! Good advice!)