Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chris came home with a swollen black eye from basketball last night poor guy. probably an accident, he doesn't remember, everyone tends to be rougher with the big guys.

He looks asian on that side of his face now, with purple eyeshadow! We have so much going on this week and people are intimidated as is..

Mothers Day was on Sunday and Fathers Day is coming up next month. I think there should also be a Expecting Father's Day. That would be a special day for men who put up with stressed, depressed, raging, hungry, sad, confused, needy, loving and hating at the same time, rapidly growing, sleepy, explosive, sentimental, moody and unpredictable women. That also put arms and legs on you while sleeping to get some support. Many men may seriously consider getting a vasectomi after seing a pregnancy and it's less lovely sides.

Chris is actually pretty good. I think besides his normal laid back smartness the book "What to expect when you wife is expanding" helps him a bit, to know what is going on. A great tip for men out there.

Poor Chris.. This is what he thought he had.. in shape, nice hair, happy, carefree, loving..
and then what he got..  READY TO KILL! TA-DAA! (pale and with really bad hair)


I am so going to exacerice and get back in shape later, baby's needs go first but then comes mama's body.

Here is a pic of us in week 19, I refuse to show all my 4 double chins.
Shelby didn't turn out too good in this pic either but that's all right.


  1. Oh, stop! You are gorgeous! No matter what, you always think you look worse than you really do - that goes for everyone! You look happy and healthy and beautiful!

  2. Congratulations on the 19th one can look bad with motherhood. It is an incentive. It is beautiful !!