Thursday, April 1, 2010


I read today about Pregnancy week 15. (The little ticker on the side is off, it says 14 but it is 15 really, 16 on Monday.)

It says, this week your baby will be about 4.5 inches.. Our baby was 6 inches last week.
With this growth, will he fit in there? Will I have to get a table with wheels to carry the belly around?
I know large babies are more likely to come out pre-term. All is good, I am not as hungry as I have been, I drink coffee again (Small doses) But toothbrushing is bad, I almost htrow up every time! How weird is that?

I also feel so unattractive as one can. Hair is not co-operating, it's flat and dull, grows darker and slower,I can't stand up with arms above my head and blowdry it without getting dizzy.. My face is swollen and puffy. I need a tan and a summerdress!

A carbonoxide leak in the buildings we live in caused 2 families  injured and one persons death. How sad is that!
A little alarm for 10 bucks that the leasing office could have put in but did not, to save those 10 bucks per apartment.

They are sending out there flyers about fixing the issue, when and how they are installing them bla bla bla.. Get them installed and tested and fix the leak instead for wasting paper telling us how you are going to handle it!
Hope they have a fat lawsuit come at them. And hope they are being made to pay for all living cost, childcare and education for the kids who lost their father for such a stupid cheap act to save 10 bucks!
People, make sure you have fire and carbonoxide detectors at home!

Pug has been with me at work for 2 days while this is being fixed. She has been sleeping under my desk and been good. She loves riding in the car and going thru drive-thrus for lunch so it was all good.

An hour and 20 minutes home last night.

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  1. Aww...your dog is a good sport for coming into work with you! If my dog had to do that, she would go insane because whenever she meets new people she barks and barks and barks.

    That is really sad about the man who died from carbon monoxide poisoning. :( Hope their family is doing ok...

    Glad your baby is healthy...reading your posts on pregnancy is really eye-opening. It's so weird how women's bodies just know how to change all by itself. I think you're being so optimistic and positive despite the annoyances you're dealing with...keep it up! :)
    Good luck with everything!