Thursday, April 15, 2010

Todays updates:

~It i superhot and nice here in Baltimore today. My mom however is getting snow in Stockholm. What contrasts.

~A prenatal visit today, all is good, I need to start driking more fuids to get my blood pressure up.
Baby's heartbeat was 157 today and lots of activity. Normal the nurse said. Chris and I are debating whether or not to go to one of them 3D ultrasounds that they have here and there where you get a video to bring home and they tell you to the gender.

We will get the gender and full ultrasound on May 13th. Wait till that and kill the curiosity or wait patiently and make bets with people? I kind of feel it is a boy already.

~I am number one on my the street on Restaurant City. My restaurant is the bomb. If you have this application let me know and we can add.

~Car issue is hopefully solved.

~Shelby has been good and earned a night in our bed. We lifted her little bed to the end of our bed and she stayed in there all night. At one point I woke up when Chris put his huge feet over mine and Shelby. She moved around quickly but not too much, afraid to lose her new bed status.

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