Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This toothache is terrible. I can't go to the dentist tho, I wish it would just dissapear!
I went to aqua Fitness last night and Chris was laughing somewhere at the gym. I was half the size and half the age of the other participants, but no disrespecting it, I feel a lil tender in my shoulders today.

The bank got back to us today regarding the house. The raised the price from our offer with exactly the amnout of the tax credit them bastards. And it took them about 10 weeks to figure that shit out.
So if we bought the house now trying to meet the First time house buyers deadline we would be + - 0.
The ownders has OK'd our offer. If we go halfway now we are losing time. Bastards. Idiots.

I really pictured us living there but I am not very dissapointed, we weren't sure of the outcome.

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