Monday, April 5, 2010


This weekend flew by just like the others.
I got my eyelash extensions done also! I do them too but it's hard to them on oneself. They get crooked and you really need the eyes closed.. I also want to go get the real certification for it, it's a day class in Utah, but that class requires the students to bring a model to do the eyelashes on, there is the problem.
The $ 30,000 week classes that they offer in the area I live are not an option, I'd rather buy a nice car :)

IPad was out on the market yesterday and it is suppose to be a revolution. To me it is like a little laptop or a big cellphone. And the name is ridicuolus. It is so controlled by Apple, the applications have to be approved and so on.. And we all know lots of people want weird porn and such? Good thing is tho, with a laptop that controlled, the chance of getting viruses are also minimal. It is like a gated community like someone said.
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It is really warm and sunny today, don't you love it?

We also got the test results from the First Trimester Screening today! Chris opened the letter and read them for me per phone.. but they were for another patient! A different name and it said etnicity: AfroAmerican!

So I called the number on the letterhead and a the lady at the other end got upset, "We don't send out papers to the wrong people, you must have misread" But she insisted I shred the test results? She was yellling and saying we were going to sort this out right here and now and was so loud I had to hang up on her.
I called the nurse at the office I got tested at and she read my results: Baby is healthy, the chances of Down's Syndrom, Trisomy and other birth defects they were looking for were so low it tested like a 19 year old would test. 0,1 chance out 6500.

Please do not read that healthy babies are more desired, that is not true, babies as babies no matter what, they are miracles and gifts.
I got tested simply because I have a brother with severe handicaps and he has had a very hard life. Harder than most of us can imagine. Numerous long stays at different hospitals, so many times we almost lost him, blood, lost heartbeat, bad test results, rounds of pneumonias, bad infections, slipping into unconsiousness and coma, medications, piles of pills and injections, bad news, good news, hope, no hope, our mother not being able to keep a normal job because of these circumstanses, all other parts of a normal family life standing still in wait for him to get better, canceled trips, canceled birthdays, birthdays at the hospital, schools that rejected him because they did not have resources to meet his needs, and HOW THE HELL DO YOU PREPARE YOURSELF WHEN THE DOCTOR TELLS YOU YOUR BROTHER WONT MAKE IT TO AGE 5? THEN 15, THEN 20?? He's organs are weak and his mind is a 3 year old's. He can't stay home alone for an hour or he'll set the house on fire or do something a 3 years old would do.
Allergies for everything, that causes such bad reactions he needs immediate hospital care if exposed. The guy is today 24, living against odds and his dream is to drive his own car.

It is heartbreaking to know he will never do so! I used to however be his driver on call and we'd drive fast on the highways, pretend to drive from cops, make sudden turns, (That make shim laugh out loud) drive to different burger places and drive thru's, just run errands to get to ride a car and he would always smile and say "Oh no, don't drive fast" But that ment, "Please drive fast".
I love him so much, I really miss our crazy rides!

So people asked me why I got tested for these things.
Why I got tested is  just to know. Having a kid with disabilites demands planning, and changing your lifestyle, more than if you have a kid without these disabilities. And as I said, they came back good.

The baby forum I am active in were very upset about the testing scenario tho.

"-To get tested is like selecting your baby, that she/he needs to be perfect"
"-You make people with handicaped children think that you think their kids are lesser worth"

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  1. You are such a great sister to your brother! God bless you and your family. Your brother sounds like a lot of fun...It's hilarious that when he said "oh no, don't drive fast" you know he really meant, "drive fast!"

    On another Mom wants an Ipad so bad. The only way we could get her one is if my family splits the bill. I wonder if we should get her one?