Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I must say that it is true what people say.  -Just get thru the first trimester and everything gets easier after that.

I feel more energetic, optimistic, content, happy and like myself again. Awesome.
I am wearing make-up again and doing my hair. Magda is putting my fake lashes back when we find a night that works for us both. I am planning a weight-loss strategy for november december. I don't care what you say, I will lose this chubby chubby. It's like Jello. Esp my butt, it can jiggle and wiggle like a belly dancer. Still under 120 pounds, but that is a lot for me, I am only 5'5.

So it's like waking up from a cloudy buzz or something, these past months have just gone by slow, with extreme sickness, tiredness, sadness, worries. Tadaa, better now!

Da Rosa made tune-salad last night and it was so good. I brought that to work too and ate it right away at work. Then I got hungry and had to HAD TO, go get pad thai with chicken. Today I was able to take the prenatals with no gagging or weird after taste too. See how well things are going!

Pad thai was awesome, however, I can;t eat large portions anymore, only half servings. They also gave me a container of their tapioka pudding in coconut cream that they ususally serve after the lunch specials.

That is among the best things you can put in your  mouth.

This morning I went by Chris' work to see him for a few minutes, he's playing basketball tonight in Baltimore, and I have lots of things to do at home.

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  1. 1st thing: bloggen uppdaterad. I knoow, sloo-moo. But then again, seriously - whyyy update när man inte har ngt att skriva om. Jag är (tex) inte gravid,mhöhö.
    2nd - wtf, vad är det på bilden?? Looks like something I dont have words for, dear.

    3rd - GOOD to hear that ur feeling all good in the hood! :)