Monday, March 15, 2010

Not much to blog about, I watched Rowan on Friday night.
On Saturday Chris and took Shelbyto Baltimore Puggapalooza's pug meeting in Fedral Hill, at a dog daycare and spa. This was very cool, can't wait to take her there again, definately much more enjoyable for her than to play at the dog park with aggressive pitbulls.
There were about 25-30 pugs, different sizes and colors. At first I thought they all looked them same and I wondered how we were going to find Shelby among all of htese., but after a little I saw that they were all different looking in shape and facial features. She enjoyed it, and got to play with dogs her size.

Chris won the quiz, and got a giftcard for a day at the dog daycare and a doggie bath. I think we will try this soon and she will love it.

Aftet the meeting we drove to New Jersey to Joe-Jerz, to celebrate his 28th B-Day.
I don't know wha tis going on up there but it was flooded, roads were blocked, cars were stuck. We got a flat tire driving over junk that was piled up on the road after the flood.

The food was awesome, I don't think anything has tasted so good in a while as the raspberry goat-cheese salas did. Oh and oven-baked thin pizza. Lord, I am salivating like a dog just thinking bout it.
It would be worth a drive back to eat at that place again, same food.

Well.. now I got hungry and need to go get lunch..

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