Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby and St. Pattys!

Another prenatal visit today, and to my dissapointment I didn't get to have an ultrasound! I want to see the baby every month, I want them to make sure he is growing according to the science.

I did however get to listen to the heartbeat, it was tricky, the midwife said we ha a kicker. When she found the right spot with the doppler (looks like a microphone) he would kick it making him move away from it.
We would hear a little thump when he kicked. (Obvioulsy not liking having the thing disturb his nap.) But we did indeed hear the 163 beats/minute loud and clear. A good strong heart.

They say heartbeats 145 and up are girls, under 145 boys.. Are we maybe having a Isabella?? Could I be wrong? We'll know in May!

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  1. You must be so excited! How sweet, a springtime baby. I'm glad all is going well, and your baby is healthy.