Friday, January 29, 2010

Yesterday was crazy, I made an appointment with the baby-doctor to come in for an ultrasound in a few weeks to see the little guy.

We spoke a little and the doctor asked me this and that.. becuase of a little pressure pain I have on my right side she got worried and told me to go to the emergecy room right away. 

I knew everything was just fine, but of course didn't want to risk anything so I went.You know if you would just risk not go and something happened.. how bad would you feel?

BAM! IV, bloodwork, told that it could be a fatal condition called Ectopic pregnancy, possible surgery, my own room, 2 types of ultrasounds, 3 different doctors, endless amonut of nurses, a worried baby-daddy.

I knew all along everything was fine, because I feel it like that.
And after almost 4 hours without food, I could go home, with a follow-up next week.