Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Notes about Shelby.

She is is changing our lives.We went shopping for her. Our bedroom looks like a fort. We go out for walks. There's dogstuff everywhere.We think of how to get her clean. We give her baths, we talk to her, we plan, we worry, we analyze her, we join internet forums for pug lovers, we send and email pictures of her like she was a baby, we debate about names, she makes me feel like a bad person when I leave her in the morning and she makes da Rosa feel like a king when he gets the Grand Welcome when he comes home from work.

There are 2 things that makes me not want to  have a dog or a pet, and those are HAIR on everything. Not cool. The second one is not necessarily the case on every dog, but BARKING. And I don't mean barking at all the time but just the unneccesary howling and barking at everything all the time. A "hello bark" is OK. Or "there's someone at the door -bark". We don't know yet if Shelby is a barker. She is however so adorable with her bug eyes and facial expression that go from excited to confused. Or both at the same time like a little retard. Pugs tilt their head when they are trying to understand. I am hoping to capture this on a picture. In fact, I haven't done real portrait photgraphy in a long time but it's about time. I will do a Shelby series of black and white portraits in oncoming light.



    Pug Head Tilt! Ah ah ah
    I love pugs.

  2. She's adorable. Is this your first dog?

    You might take a look at clicker training, if you haven't already. It really worked with my dogs - I have three, Munchkin, Meijin and Chubary.