Monday, January 25, 2010

The good news.

This is a post I wrote some days ago but kept it as a draft til timing was better.
I couldn't keep it any longer :)

Jan 22, 2010.

I was so effin nasious while walking the dog this morning. Even the dog looked at me with a sad face. I don't like that feeling, it's the worst when you know you're about to throw up.

It continued til I got to work, the sickness was raging behind my ribs and I had that horrible gag-reflex.  I asked my boss for some TUM'S, those are good.
He said 'Are you pregnant?"  (OMG such guy thing to say every time a female feels sick)
I said "No, I just get  this sometimes".

I thought about what he just said, there was no reason for it, I know my body very well, and anything out of the ordinary, but I thought, I'd do one of those pee-on-a-stick preggo tests so we will have that ruled out at least.

I peed on the thing (It's hard to target that thing and you get pee everyhwere!)
It says wait for a few minutes till results appear but this bad boy was shining stronng POSITIVE right away.
I could not believe what I saw. Seriously.. me and Chris pregnant?

I had to do another one test to prove this one wrong and call the company and yell at them.
This one came out positive also. Right away.

Now I remember that on the 18th I had a two second sharp pain in my belly, this is when the little one implanted itself to my me.

I went back to my desk and stared at the computer screen, with 10 million thoughts in my mind.

My mind went to my my Chris, to the baby, to pregnancy, to my family, to his family, to the future, to the things we want, can I bake scones like good mom's do? Can I really have a human being come out thru my thing, am I too old, am I too young, am I too comfy in my life, will a car seat fit in my car? What will my Chris say? Is it going to be a boy handsome as he's dad?

Most of all I am so happy. I kept saying "REALLY?" to myself.



    From now on, i shall call thee "Moma G" :)

    Lots of looove, B

  2. I am so happy because you're happy! Congratulations!!