Monday, December 14, 2009

When ever I go to Elkridge post ofiice I hope to see my 2 favorite post office people. They are F and D.
F is just a very sweet and jolly man, with a beard thick as a brickwall. And suspenders!

D deserves a blog about her. If there wasn't any risks involved stalking government employees like the guys at the post office, I'd start a "What's on D's nails today" -Blog.

Yes. Every time I go to that post office D has a new haircut, color and texture on her hair, more creative than the last one. Today it was alarming red and curly like curly fries.

But the best is her nails. They are so long, almost like claws. I look at them with awe. Can she kill with those?

They have different colors and gemstones and designs and she shuffles money and stamps like no other.

A few years ago I was waiting in the line, (F and D sure are good workers but they do not rush! Slow and steady wins the race.)
As my turn finally came up I felt my face getting numb and my vision getting blurry. I must have been dehydrated becuase I was fainting and I told this to whoever was there and someone quickly found a chair for me.
-It's the diabetes, F said.
-I don't have diabetes.
-This is how diabetes starts.
I still don't have diabetes but sometimes F will ask me how my diabetes is nowadays.

I love these guys, I want a family portrait taken with them. I would keep this on my tv.

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