Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I  had the craziest dream last night.
I was in Sweden, at my moms house and I had invited people to my wedding, but I must have forgot bc i did not know of it. People started to show up and I got panicky, I hadn't prepared for a wedding or anything.
I also told da Rosa this and he laughed and said he didn't want to get married today. He escaped the scene quick.

My  mom said it was gonig to be fine, we would improvise and she would take me to the altar. I decided to marry myself. This was the plan but since I also had forgotten to arrange a pastor I had to cancel.

So when da Rosa woke me up with that sweet cup of coffee like every morning I wondered what to tell all the guests that had shown up.

The rest of the morning was weird, I "snoozed" 2 times, almost took the wrong exit and my purple choice of eyeshadow today glued itself to my eyelids in such a bad way I looked like a transvestite.
I am wearing my new grey UGGs to work today, feelslike walking on clowds!

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