Monday, December 21, 2009

I am leaving tomorrow. Mmm I get to see my family :) Yayy!
I just need to remember like a thousand of things before I leave.

A quick summary of the weekend;

~Friday, Snowstorm in Bmore. da Rosa and I stayed in. We had our X-mas. I got such a sweet necklace.
~Saturday: Everything was closed because of the snow. Sucks, well, at least Walmart was open and we killed an hour or two there. I am actually a fan of Walmart.
~Sunday, work. Everything wa sopen and I could do some very succesful shopping. Caos on the roads and parking lots, cars stuck everywhere blocking traffic.


  1. Heeeyyy har du landat i sverige annu??
    ville bara saga godjul kramar Amanda

  2. Amanda! Jag aker imorgon!!
    God Jul o Kram pa er!