Saturday, December 5, 2009

Busy day today.. I cleaned last night, today I 'll try to get following done:

~Return Library books (Just received an email notification of them being due)
~Go to the office and work (Oh yay..jk.. it is nice to sit there by myself and catch up tho)
~Poledancing today is out, my legs hurt even more today. Or more spefically, my calfes.
~Some photoshop projects
~Fix with closet

SNOW IN BALTIMORE! BELIEVE! If this stays for a day or two it's going to be the most crazy and fatal days in this years traffic. Marylanders don't know how to drive in snow. They do not know of snow-tires. They are hard breakers. They are speeders.

One of my worst days in traffic was in February coming home from Buffalo, when it started to snow loads, no plowing vehicles or anything, I had to guess where the road was. Every now and then I would feel my car start driving off the road bc it would start leaning down right. I was going 5 miles/h and the drive took me 10 hours instead of 6. When I started to see Baltimore city lights and cops I know I was going to survive.
Other from that is really pretty :) Better than the yucky rain.

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