Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh the crazy love life!
Don't mind the crack on my BB, it's shaped like the letter Y.
All things good starts with Y,
YMCA you know.

The message sender is "Beast". He says he might not be my type.
Well.. I googled "Beast" to find this mystery man.

PS. He has to wear pants for the dinner date.


  1. he your type btw?

  2. OMG are U kidding, I can't wait to meet this Beast. Totally my type!

  3. Umm depends, if he shows up to the dinner date in panties like in that picture it's a no-no.

  4. At least the blue panties blend with his fur...I mean, shit, would you date him if he wore pink panties with his blue fur??? I think not!

  5. oh even i want to meet the will he unleash the animal in him??? :D