Monday, November 16, 2009

This has been a day full of legal matters. From start to end. All squared away, I've got nothing more to do than to wait. That's all I do.. wait..

Tragic news, 2 family friends have died back home, they were father and son, both got this horrible cancer.. May there soon be a cure for it!

It's been a beautiful gorgeous day and I really wanted to stay in Ellicott City when I drove there to file som paperwork.. Fall colors and leaves eveywhere on the old streets in the old parts of that town.
Too little time, too much things to do, -Like always! And i didn't have my camera with me.

Thanks to so many people today who made my day better.

This is my madmen picture. I really like the black gloves.
Stylish or a serial killer?

1 comment:

  1. Definitely stylish. I can really appreciate the costume crew on MadMen - you can get into it largely because they are so good with their job!

    Fall lucky, you are. Fall here doesn't much exist. It goes almost straight from Summer to Winter and the trees just drop everything in about 30 days.

    You take care...