Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Arrrgghhh I don't like being sick.. esp not getting an uvi (not that you want to know that)
So I am home today. Boring.

I have a Westinghouse tv that just stopped working a few months ago. It's not powering up, this is weird, maybe it needs a new power cable or something. It's too bad bc it is a flat nice tv.

Halloween is getting closer.

Tickets for the Schlager fest at the Embassy are booked for Rosie and me. That should be a nice little event.

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  1. Hey, Cami -

    See that you found the lil lovely, cool, not so boxes - they look good.

    I'm envious of your traveling - too bad it's mostly for work, but I'm really glad you get to do it.

    Uck..sick. I'm really puny right now myself, and unexpectedly home from school early - and quarantined. Really hope that you're feeling better yourself.

    Take care!