Thursday, October 1, 2009

October! It feels like February just ended..

The Month of Fall, Rosie's Dad's surgery, Halloween, Pumpkins, several B-Days here and there, pale skin, jackets and coats, 2 New York trips.
I can't believe summer is over! This was a good summer tho, with trips and fun things!

This year I'll try to make it out to a pumpkin farm, pick pumpkins, go no a heyride, and do a ghost tour, I think Rosie would like this as well.

I count every 19th of every month as one month closer to the date I'm waiting for. Ever since May..
It's finally getting closer, and for you all who know about this, the 16 th of this month I am going to see a person who is an expert in these issues, hopefully they can give me a little peace and insight in these things that constantly are on my mind, even when I sleep.

Right now I am getting ready to head some soon, it's Workout day again! Charging up with some coffee and Monster! Back, abs and shoulders today I believe, not sure.

Today's song: SNOOP

Good Night!

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