Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Thoughts

I missed Stockholm today,  I would rather have been walking in windy chilly South of Stockholm with a latte in hand that be stuck in Baltimore morning traffic. Esp the bad one thru the tunnels that doesnt allow you to even look at anything else than tunnel walls. NOT COOL.

Theres something about Stockholm and walking along the streets there, love that city. I guess I just don't like Stockholm people.

I spoke to my mom yesterday, she is thinking of starting a new job Nov 1st. The boys are same same, nothing new. I don't know but i feel like I have to do something new too, don't know what. Move,

Lena in Sweden had a baby-boy a few weeks ago, I read that in an email she sent me, she must be busy busy, I am happy for her. Don't know if he's got a name since she refers to him as "the baby-boy".

Today I am going to do the last clean up in O-Town, return keyes and take the last things home. (There's really no more space for stuff at the new place tho)

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