Thursday, September 3, 2009

It is a beautiful day..

.. don't let it get away! Baltimore is still warm and hot, but i know it will cool down soon, fall is closer than we think, I can feel it :) So I went to look at the apartments today, and the lady at the office gave me the apartment numbers so I could take a walk in the area and see where they were located.. I walked in to one building, took a guess and pushed the door and it opened. Luckily it was the right apartment also, it was unlocked and I walked in there and sent Chris some cell pics. They are one bedroom apartments and they are being painted and fixed with right now, so the pace was dusty, my black shoes were white when I left the place! Im seriously sooo excited :) Can't wait to move in!!


  1. but but... isnt there any window's in the kitchen??

  2. yup yup there is! can't see it in the tiny mobile-picture!!