Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The gym. The hurt.

For the first time in a couple of years I went to the gym with Rosie who had signed me up for it.
I'll be hurting tomorrow.
A little biceps and triceps, legs and epiliptical.. lots of people there, and all kinds of people, young and old, fit and less fit, so this time I didn't feel misplaced haha.
We will see how this goes, it would be nice to make it a habit, but travel, colds, work usually gets in the way of a continuous schedule and I miss out on sessions and lose motivation because of that.
However, it's nice to have company there and I know that the health benefits of working out are awesommmme! + It's hot to watch hime work out!

Summer is now officially over, I wore a jacket yesterday to work, I've worn uggs already, it's just a lil bit cooler out and it gets darker earlier at night. The good thing about darker nights are candles.
I like to lite candles, esp the ones with sents and oils. Ikea has some good  ones!

This pic is from Pier1 a weeka go or two..

And with the Halloween costume.. I had already almost decided on Warrior women (See pic a little ways below) But then C decided to be Slash, and then Alice would be a better match. I also thougth of Madonna in the eighties, (Think Material Girl, half bridal outfit, pearles and waffled hair)

So Warrior Woman or Alice in Wonderland? Or groupie? Red riding Hood? What to do, what to do.

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