Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can we just be kids again?

..and there would be no other worries than what icecream flavor to pick today? Please? Ant the people I was friends with as a kid, you are all grown ups; and I see you on facebook nowadays HAHAHA! Our faces are the same but much older. Who would have known we were going to be like this today.. we said we were going to be astronauts and pilots, beautyqueens, balledancers, mommies and pirats. We are all but that, and we are old. Thanks for asking for my mom, she is better but not good. Today is 090909 btw! And when will men and women ever understand each other? NEVER.


  1. ja dom äär riktigt fina faktiskt:D!
    fin blogg.

  2. Tack så mkt tjejen :-) Va gullig du är!