Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Swedes in Buffalo

This time Asa and Ida came with to Buffalo and bc some things didn't work out I drove with them and it's a long drive. It was a good Buffalo weekend like always and the man is coming here on Friday afternoon. THeres a power outage in the area aournd the office and the mall, our phones and computers were effected of course so there was not much to do at the office. It started to get very hot in there too since the AC was not running. I went home to the pool but it was too hot there also, and lots of kids screaming and splashing. A half a day and no plans!! BINGO! The possibilities ar endless... nap, cleans, fold laundry, go to the mall, go to hang out with the triplets, go walk in Patapsco and take some good pictures, or go somewher else for photography.. So I'm out of here for now..

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