Tuesday, August 18, 2009

it's Tuesday and another day closer

..to the future.
I got an email from my dear Manel, she knows me so good, I can always trust in her advice, and I can trust in knowing that she says what is up.
My roomies gf/fiance/wife is visiting so I sneak in and out quietly to avoid disturbing the lovebirds.
Maybe that gave me the weird dreams I had last night of crazy Halloween parties, or maybe it's the new thing I started with last week.. girlstuff.. it has me moody and explosive, an everyday Hitler and people around me have to live thru hell. Being pissed and raging all day is exhausting tho, I hope the side effects tone down shortly.
Today is eyelash day and S is getting a full set of these applied. I will post before and after pics of my first full set "test person" in my goal to build a gallery :)
Ok and last night, I finally found the flats I had and used till they broke apart.. at Aldo's! No pics available, link only:

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