Friday, July 10, 2009

Toes and body suits.

This is from OBX some weeks ago. My crazy feet. They are special. Last night Chris and I webcammed and that's so cool really when you think about it. You can talk and see each others faces, but you are hundreds of miles away! Craziness. Same thing with people from Sweden, you are oceans away and I can talk to you and you can see me pick my nose right there and then, at the exakt moment. Humans has come a long way from oral communication to smokesignals. Postcards to email, and then webcamming like this. Stellar. Now they need to come up with a teleporter. I would like one of these for myself. If not a teleporter they should make chat-body-suits. Ok, don't be thinking all pervertic now, it don't have to be like that, but think like this, you want to say hi to someone you haven't seen in a long time in a chatroom, and you wear this chat-body-suit and hug tha tother person who also wears one, but is in HongKong, now you two can hug each other and feel the hug. Or howabout someone stole your bike. Now you go on craigslist and find your stolen bike for sale. You get into a chatroom with this person and smack them right on the nose! Want to give your girlfriend a massage but she is out of town, like in Memphis, no worries, put on the chat-body-suits and rub her shoulders. Ok enough of this, but someone please look into this and make this happen!

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