Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ohhh guys, if you only knew. My mind slips away and fantasizes about things. And it is very good to escape like that.. I Dream about good food, happy people, about laying under the blanket and kissing that face, about digging my toes in the sand, the goosebumps that follow nails in my hair, the way my bed hugs me in the morning.. My dear bed. I slept in this morning and it was good. Yayy for sleep ins.

And this is an old old picture I found just now, it's Selina, Ro and me.
(Note to myself: Why the f*** do I every now and then go blonde? That does not work for me.. and for all of you.. why the hell do you not say anything)
Oh, also, I added a flagcounter today and within an hour I had 31 people from 6 countries visit! NO HATIN! That is so exciting, don't know how find my blog but it's very cool! Just don't make my boyfriend a celeberity and steal him, ok.
The two younger male versions of me are getting older next week. One is getting 24 and the other 19. I have to find some nice things to send home.
Some things on my mind today.
~No thanks for more Harry Potter movies. Or books.
~Can we please find missing little Madeleine, who dissapeared over 2 years ago??
~Prankcalls on youtube are hilarious.
~Liking the style of facebook, not liking the advertising of every action.
~What the heck is Twilight and why is everyone talking about it?


  1. thanks for your visit in my blog! kisses

  2. Thank you dear, have a good day.

  3. Your pictures are sweet too... ;)