Friday, July 31, 2009

I want and I want

I'm not and haven't been into shopping lately, it is just not gicing me those kicks anymore. And dressing fashion isn't really on the priority list, I just get up and get dressed haha.
I used to love it, finding nice clothes gave me a kick, now I think of bad times, poor children working in factories, how my closet is overfull already, how horrible it is to move when you gots lot of stuff, how people just consume things, more and more, need this and that. This planet will run out of its resources soon, and you might not think so, but look at how many people we are, and how much we use everyday, water, food, air, gasoline, electricity, energy, clothes, plastic things.. Where do you think all of that comes from?
I try to recycle and do my part but sometimes I'm just too lazy. I was thinking of all the things I have bought and how some of them still hang in the closet with the pricetag on, never even used. And now they are out of style. My mom told me that when she was my age in the late seventies, she had like 3 pairs of jeans, 5 tops and 2 dresses. Thats what people had. You did'nt need more.
Another thing is that the trends has been so damn UGLY. I haven't felt like shopping for clothes that looks like your grandma's curtains.
But see here. Trends are changing, its lookin' nice again. I love that second one.. ok I love all of them. I hope no factory children had to make them and I hope they were not too bad on the environment :-O
Good Night everyone.

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