Monday, July 27, 2009


Our dear house cat Turri has gone to cat heaven, only 4 years old. My mom found him passed out on the lawn and took him to the vet, and he died of a heart condition at the animal hospital 3 days later :( Sooo sad. I will always remeber the way he would wake me up attacking my feet with his sharp claws and bite me too. Oh and the way he destroyed my bra that I left on the floor once. But we were good, no bad feelings. The vet said this was due to living rough and getting into fights while chasing lady cats in the area. The man held style and was a player til the end.

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  1. omg - I'm so sorry that you lost your kitty...and at such a young age. Ima a cat person (I guess) and even painted a picture of a black kitten this last week. I'll let that lil watercolor be my first art post...really enjoy your blog...following now